Quality Wedding Photography

Nothing is more special in a person's life than their wedding. It's a vibrant chronicle of love, tradition, and celebration between two people and their families coming together as one. That's where we at Rama Photo Video come in, with over 32 years of experience shooting and documenting weddings just for you across the US and beyond.

Our photographers have a sensitive understanding of the cultural nuances and traditions that shape weddings and the celebrations involved. Hence, whether its a wedding at a church or a diverse event like Indian Weddings, you can trust Rama Photo Video to cover them fully anywhere.

Indulge in the colorful festivities of a wedding couple, as our lens immortalizes their radiant love and culture

Multi-Day Wedding Photographers 

We at Rama Photo Video have captured vibrant Indian weddings for the best part of 32 Years now. Our photographers provide a colorful combination of color, aesthetics, and memories that capture your special day perfectly.

We help capture everything from mehndi, sangeets, baaraat and even Haldi events, so you can look back at our work and smile.

Embark on a visual odyssey of love and tradition with our portrayal of a wedding couple.

Create Everlasting Memories With Us

Capture the essence of your love with Rama Photo Video's exquisite pre-wedding photography services. We know how valuable memories can be for a newlywed couple, and we'd like to play a small part in your journey through life together, with the goal of creating portraits that last an entire lifetime.

Let our team of experienced photographers & videographers help you narrate the beginning of your love life through our lens. We help identify stunning locations across the globe that suit the vibe, aesthetic, and look of your outfits and the special journey you're about to go on with one another.

What makes us unique is that we tailor the experience to your liking and make thematic suggestions. Throughout the entire pre-wedding photoshoot, we aim to understand you and your partner's preferences and personalities, so that our portraits truly reflect the bond that you both share

Witness the splendor of Punjabi wedding bliss through our captivating photography, showcasing the radiant love.
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